Christmas special - My Ballerina Project 2014

For the growing number of international visitors and for those who weren't able to visit the exhibition in Bern, in october 2014, I have published here all the exhibited photographs.
Model : Lisa !  She gave me hope and inspiration to go all the way to complete that project. Thank you.

All photographs are Fine-Art Lambda Prints on Dibond. I sell them, just ask for it.

Reward for the first three comments:
The first three visitors to leave a comment at the end of this post will get a free signed postcard.
Enjoy it! ... and merry christmas to the world!
"Daydream" , 111 x 76 cm
"Chess - White Queen and two Black Knights" , 111 x 76 cm
"À la claire fontaine" , 111 x 76 cm

"Push! - just a little bit harder" , 60 x 60 cm
"Step up to the stage" , 60 x 60 cm
"Cinderella" , 60 x 60 cm
"Vitruvia" , 60 x 60 cm

"Lost Wheelchair" , 111 x 76 cm

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